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Have you ever felt like everyone is smarter than you?
They're saying its red and you're thinking blue,
Life itself has twisted and turned,
As you are not able to learn,
Grades are slipping and people are rising,
Why don't you get help instead of disguising?
Miss one homework assignment and you’re tangled for a week,
Stop what you're doing, don't let your thoughts leak,
Don't you remember what they called you?
How you were afraid to ask a question, because they would desize you?
Hold a steady grade for once in your life,
You're stubborn, all you want is to cause a strife,
Dominance isn't the key when we want to help,
Sit down and listen, there's worse to be dealt,
You become defensive when asked to open your book,
Just settle in class and keep an interested look,
Have you ever felt stupid not able to say that you didn't understand?
When all you want is to let your mind expand.
(c) Sabrina Yeasky
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Guilt gnaws at me like my words did his heart
Burned into my memory his anguish face
I can still feel the tears
See something break behind his eyes
Locked in my cold hand
A chunk of his self
The blood
Now cold like mine
My nails dug into his body, through his chest
I disregarded the gushing blood and his agony
I dug until I felt it
Pulsing and warm
Before I realized the upshot of my exploit
I pulled back with part of him
Enough of him to make him feel empty and alone
What have I done?
And why do I care about his mouth?
When it is his heart I took
What has he said?
About his broken heart
I have always hated girls like this
Wounding a man emotionally before deploying
Someone I had so deeply cared about
Broken because of me
What am I?
The experiments aren’t what made me numb,
Made me cruel
I have done this to myself
The ache I feel
Is nothing compared to his woe
I broke that poor boy’s heart
He truly loved me so
He’s so good
Held me so high
But I couldn’t
I didn
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Matt's Poem
He stood blanketed in the dewy darkness before the family pool
His parents’ credulous inside,
How could this world be so cruel?
With blocks bound to every limb
He pushed with a heave all of them in
He may have flailed or yelped
Even though his body opposed to drowning it was not how his mind felt
He wanted to kill himself
He sank to the bottom
Choked on his last breath
I wonder what was going through his head
He is the third of the family to die by their own hand
I have deeply longed to understand
How does misery take over, turn into anger then hate?
For this world he had no more faith
His own mind betrayed him
Or so that’s what they say
I bow my head in woe of how he was lost that day
And for his father, my uncle, a man for whom I pray
People are born everyday
Some people die in horrendous ways
But we can’t change the past
And why mope in the present
When we can change the future and save others from it
:iconsabrina628:SABRINA628 0 0
Come meet me over the rolling hills, through the leaning valleys, across the murky waters
Where thick foam laps the moonlit shore and the mounts whisper our names by the wind
A home is nestled in faithful arms that can only rest in my lap
Brush is laced like intertwine fingers and stray branches caress
It’s warm and whole here, we feel, as we shape our nest
Our feet pound the soil, threatening to break the day
We’ll visit the sleeping salmon and lament their past away
Life is like no other in the land of eternal May
Yet it’s not all sunshine in continuous spring
The rain’s beat causes us to hide
An erratic storm could last as long as the low tide
But in this land like no other we will make it out alive
You and I will strive to thrive in our heart of divine bliss
Come and stay with me, content and complete
Roaming the snaking mounds, gliding across the muddy run where the water and sky kiss
:iconsabrina628:SABRINA628 0 0
How Nicholas and Violet Met
Never let fear decide your fate. The overwhelming emotion of panic or despair is never on anyone's side, but the one against a true desire. The reaction to loss is also one incredibly strong and in control that can lead to some of the most unpredictable outcomes. By my fair share of mourning and dread I believe gives me a decent understanding to tell the story of how Nicholas and Violet first met. The events that led to their encounter and results of their union lead to so much more than ever anticipated. It's ruthlessly unjust the pressure put on the two to begin with. Separately they were both born into roles with shoes to be filled that required heavy tolls on their emotions, family, youth, body and minds throughout their lives. Given they had since practically birth to prepare for their hardships one may argue they could easily be prepared for the future. I disagree because no one and I mean no one that began as a sane human being could be ready for the perpetual suffering of const
:iconsabrina628:SABRINA628 0 0
I tried to tell him how I felt
But he already knew
And he didn't care
Because I made him not care
And it's only fair he treats me the way he does
I tell him about my guilt
He tells me to let it go
Because he's trying to too
It wasn't much
And it wasn't for long
But it was his first
And that makes it all the worse
Because I gave him hope
When I didn't even have any
I was never certain
About anything
Even my own opinions
Because I was
And am indecisive
And that irritates him
And I ask him if we are really friends
Which frustrates him
And I won't stop apologizing
And that makes him stop listening
Sometimes I break down and cry
And I want someone to care
Because I crave attention
Since I am human
But I have done too much wrong
To ever make this right
I am full of regret
And I tell him again I am sorry
And he sighs like he regrets too
By letting us be friends again
But I hope he never does
Because I cried tears of joy
When he told me he missed talking to me
Because I missed talking to him t
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A scream, a cry, a cut, to die.
She loves to scream,
To take her own breath away,
She likes to cry,
It's a distraction from the decay,
She needs to cut,
Since she wants to die,
What is her life now to the ones she loved?
A complete lie?
:iconsabrina628:SABRINA628 0 2
She Likes You
She likes you.
More than her love for the arts,
Stronger than her hatred for Mackenzie.
She writes secret notes never to be sent in frenzy.
She dreams of times with you never spent.
She plans her run in with you.
Her whispers are about you, and her thoughts involve you.
She adores you.
Do you understand she feels for no other man?
Has stared at one picture for a hundred and one days,
Since she said that hello in the hall as you passed.
She sings about you in shower,
Has checked your Facebook every hour.
She tries to smell you hair.
She tends to follow you everywhere.
She's obsessed about you.
She knows your pets and parents names.
Your favorite food, which was recently been changed.
What you find rude
She even thinks about nude.
She floats down the hallway after you.
Your initials are scribble everywhere.
She dares herself to move close to watch you.
She's stalking you.
She's followed you home.
Always there wherever you're walking.
As night she wonders if you're sleeping.
She searched
:iconsabrina628:SABRINA628 2 9
Preferred Son
  Ambrose was a very docile boy, one who always appeased his parents' wishes. He was never gauche and would never castigate. Ambrose could be demure and diffident, but since his birth he was always the preferred son. Rueben the elder brother of three years was an irascible teen who had very negligent with his life. The Beckwell brothers had always been imical, but never loathsome to another. They equally had too much against the world itself then to bicker at each other. Rueben was an ignominy to the family, or so he's been told. Rueben didn't desire his parents that much either. He had a furtive want to expunge his family and their chums. He once was caught making effigies to burn of one's his family were close. Everyone seemed to have at least a nuance with the oldest heir of the Beckwell's ambivalent. He also had the habit to coerce other students to hand over there things with his jaundiced attitude.
  Mr. and Mrs. Beckwell were gargantuan in their large city. A
:iconsabrina628:SABRINA628 2 0
How will I do it?
What if I tried it?
I mean, I want to die from it.
And people would cry from it,
Wouldn't they?
Or would it be treated like just an uncelebrated day.
No one, but my family to pay?
He tried it.
And crashed, almost dying from it,
Causing a lot to rationalize life.
What if I did try it?
And not die from it,
Like before?
But before was an accident, a mistake.
Wouldn't it be nice for life to a have a retake?
Or an exit,
An easy check out before the game's over.
What real potential do I have anyway?
I never made a difference in any way.
I cried today, does that make it okay to self inflict pain?
I'm different and I know it,
Too quiet,
Society I always blow it.
And there's people with worse than me.
Why do I want to flee?
He tried. Last night.
He caused a terrible fright.
He probably was just done fighting with life.
I was told I'm moody.
Maybe that's why I don't see you anymore.
You just stare angrily at me in that way.
I try to just bite the bullet.
Close my eyes and suffer through it.
:iconsabrina628:SABRINA628 2 0
A Break
Don't we all deserve a break?
Like a rainbow after the rain.
Or the first smile after the screams.
A love of a lifetime.
A wonderful dream.
Perhaps a break of life would do,
Or just a distraction to prove a life is worth living.
Inadequate, is a feeling avoidable, but unwanted.
No one should feel this way,
We shouldn't have the time to think so deep,
So sad,
At times a day might show such promise,
Only to crumble when we can't be strongest.
Focus on the boy who hangs out by the lockers,
Try out for a sport,
Distract yourself with soccer,
But helpful breaks can only aid for so long,
A vacation would put you right,
Or a quick fling with the boy,
Hoping for the weekend should at least pull you through,
The breaks should be the best part of living,
But when should a break be the only part worth waiting for?
Live your dream.
Love your life.
Get to know the boy.
Dance in the rain.
And scream with a smile to prove how ridiculous it all is,
Life is short,
Too short for just waiting.
:iconsabrina628:SABRINA628 4 2
Story Beginning
     Tabitha Lepak's dream started out like any other, she was flying. She liked the feeling of being free. She wasn't kept locked up in her house, but she would rather being doing anything else then just sitting at home. She would rather be hiking, swimming, on a new adventure or most of all flying than going to school every day to sit through her teachers going on and on about subjects she never found useful, with only the brief break of lunch, gym or recess.
     At the moment she was soaring over her town, escaping like she always dreamed about. She wasn't in the form of a bird or plane, just her using her out stretched arms to guide her through the pleasant winds. Her body was light, her dark brown hair flowed back to reveal her wide smile and blue eyes that matched the sky she flew in.
     Suddenly lightening flashed from above obscuring the scene. Darkness swallowed the sun and the sky turned grey then b
:iconsabrina628:SABRINA628 2 3
Kitty Song
Warm kitty,
Soft kitty,
Little ball of fur,
Cute kitty,
Small kitty,
How can't you love her?
Short fur,
Long tail,
Listen to her purr,
Dainty precious kitty,
Unable to hurt.
:iconsabrina628:SABRINA628 5 3
Your hair.
Your face.
You're warm embrace.
Your good taste.
Your body,
Even that cute behind.
Your quirky humor.
How you ignore the rumors.
Publicly shy.
Close by your wild.
Your weak voice when your sad.
That smile when your glad.
Holding eye contact as we talk.
Not letting go of my hand as we walk.
:iconsabrina628:SABRINA628 2 2
Notice Me
By the lockers I wait for thee.
Like a lonely willow tree.
I have hope today that you will finally notice me.
Days, weeks and months gone by without even a glance.
Should I care anymore that we'll never have a chance?
Why can't I let this go?
Our fantasy romance.
Do you even know I exist?
Or am I just another girl you can dismiss?
:iconsabrina628:SABRINA628 2 0
Come To Me
Come meet me,
Over the rolling hills,
Loving with open arms,
Taking the winding roads,
Each time we meet again,
Roaring fires flame,
As the wind screams out our names.
:iconsabrina628:SABRINA628 1 0
Disclaimer: Literture
Some of my best and worst writings for your enjoyment(:
(c)SABRINA628 I will know if they are stolen o.0



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United States
April 15th 2011.
I'am unreservedly commited to my writing, and naturally my family and friends. Whom I love <3.
I write to ease pain and to record happiness with majestic words. I write for a challenge or to express my inner deep feelings, or the feelings of others. Journals and diaries are hard to keep at track with me so my poems usually help me mark certain feelings and events.
I've been writing since I was nine, however I like to say I began at 12, when I first started my book series and many other serious stories during the time.
I'm a Freshmen in highschool and at this point enjoying life with a few drawbacks. Having my life been conflicted with too many different things. I'm shy person, but do try to meet new people and make conversation when spoken to. Although infront of a crowd a childhood habit may sneak back to the present and I begin my old stammer.
If you want to know anything else please do ask. Get to know me(: I also do take poem requests.

Current Residence: U.S of A
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Acapella, Rock, Dance music, Hip-Hop, Classical, Oldies
Favourite photographer: Open to suggestion?
I am the girl that broke the boy's heart. My heart is heavy with guilt and longing, but I do not matter. I lead a boy on and off and on again. I shattered an amazing boy whom I cannot help. At this point all I can do is hope the shattered pieces will mend strong and not leave him callused. As well as avoid his gaze so the sight of me will not bring him pain. I cannot explain why I did what I did. Even if I did it wouldn't mean anything, because there is no reason to pain someone as much as I have him. I was told I should not accommodate to him. Instead stand strong to him and my I suppose former friend. I don't miss many things, however I do miss being his friend or being whatever I was to him. If I could trade his pain with my underrated guilt I most certainly would. I don't want to lose, but I realize now I already have. I attempted to make us both happy, but in turn put us both in misery. I apologize although that does not help. I did and still care about him, even if he doesn't believe I do. The apology of a horrible person does not make me any better. Hurting him was the worst thing I have ever done.


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